‘Keeper of the Cane’ is Keeper of Chester Memories
By Josh Echt
“I’ve lived here my whole life,” said Roy Ditto of Chester Township.

The 93-year-old going on 33 is sprightly as ever, his eyes dancing as the years roll back and he talks about the township’s history.

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Delightful Daylilies Display Retirement Hobby Treasure
By Ann Wishart
Thousands of daylily blossoms joyfully celebrate summer in Ethel Wilcox’s yard.

From the low post and rail fence along Parker Drive in Chester Township to the rear of her 1.3-acre yard, the Wilcox daylilies bloom in a vast rainbow of colors in 12 neat, enormous beds.

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image ‘Keeper of the Cane’ is Keeper of Chester Memories
image Delightful Daylilies Display Retirement Hobby Treasure
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